Achmelvich & Dark Sky Discovery

6 new Dark Sky Discovery Sites and stargazing events all over the UK as part of BBC Stargazing Live!

Go to our google map for full site listings and the BBC’s Things To Do website for all the UK events. Read the full press release.

Dark Sky Discovery Sites

Wherever you are, there is somewhere nearby that is just slightly better for viewing the night sky – perhaps somewhere a little away from direct street lighting, or with fewer buildings or trees to obstruct the view. We are building a network of these places so that more and more people have easy access to somewhere local to get a good view of the night sky.

Our network is growing, but we’re always looking for more, so if there is somewhere near you, consider nominating it.

Naturally we would suggest Achmelvich to be one of the top spots for Dark Sky Discovery, with extreme clarity of light, and no light pollution, couple with the superb surroundings, where better.

Find out how to nominate your best local stargazing spot as a Dark Sky Discovery Site!


Our google map currently shows upcoming events and venues that run regular stargazing sessions.

Or try searching for events near you on BBC’s Things to do website.

As part of the Dark Sky Discovery England project special events are being run in many parts of the UK. Click on the interactive map below to see what’s happening in your area.