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Hillhead Caravans Celebrated 50 years in 2015, now looking forward to beginning our 53rd   year in 2018, with grateful thanks to family and friends over the years, and of course – to the many loyal customers (friends) that have made this possible by enjoying their holidays with us at Achmelvich


A typical example that could echo from almost any country in the World. 

By Bob McLeod;

"Almost all Americans and Canadians are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Some of recent arrival know exactly where in the “old country” their roots lie, other that have been here for many generations may only know the ethnic origin of their surname.

I am somewhat in between the two since my great-grandfather immigrated in the mid-1800’s. Through my grandfather, all I knew was that his father was born in a place called Lochinver, Sutherland in Scotland, however I had no idea where that was or what kind of place it might be. 

Thanks to the Internet, I was not only able to find it, I was able to find out all about it and to become good friends with a wonderful couple that live there. As emails flew back and forth, my interest and curiosity grew. Finally in the summer of 2006 my wife and I made the trip and spent the most wonderful week there.

There are no words to describe the feeling I had as I stood on the shore and looked out to the west realizing this was the same view as my great-grandfather had as he left his homeland for the last time not knowing what lay ahead.undefined

 Lochinver Bay looking westwards 

To stand where he stood, as well as his ancestors before him, was unbelievable experience. Looking around I also realized that all these wonderful people that I had met during the week were probably related to me in some way or another. I really felt that a part of me had finally come home.

Having been there once, there is no question that I will return to this wonderful land of such beauty and hospitality."
Bob McLeod, Illinois / North Carolina (Bob and Sandra have been back since and are returning again in 2019 again)

undefinedArdvreck Castle, Assynt
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